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Try out the best traditional and delightful dishes from Peru

Folks who have never been to Peru must take a trip to the southern part of Colorado Springs to experience a native Peruvian cuisine. Sabores del Peru is the only Peruvian restaurant serving in the city. Sabores del Peru owned by authentic Peruvians, offers the best traditional variety of delightful dishes giving to this restaurant a true ambiance of Peru.

This restaurant is ideal for anyone who loves authentic, exotic food from a different culture. Sabores del Peru’s new location is at 3071 S. Academy near the intersection of South Academy and Hancock in Colorado Springs. The Ramos and Castañon families are co-owners of the restaurant ever since they moved to their new location in January of this year.  In 2007, Luis Pagan’s idea to bring Peruvian delicacies to southern Colorado became a reality when he became founder of the restaurant. It was located near 30th Street and Colorado Ave. In 2008, the company was purchased by the Ramos family, and the restaurant moved near South Academy and Astrozon and was owned at this location for the following multiple years. Since the owners wanted to give a new appearance to the restaurant, they moved to this beautiful location.

The elegant environment of the new restaurant provides a five–star class service. Even though five stars are given, Sabores del Peru is for all walks of life in all types of outfits. For instance, the paintings, pictures, ceramics, animal skins, chairs and music portray the history of Peru. Even the structure of the new location is striking with luxurious and spacious rooms. It makes the customer feel as if they were on vacation dining at the foot hills of Peru’s world famous Machupichu. The employees have a particular way to dress up, showing uniqueness and respect.  Once costumers are seated, the menu helps to make the decision easy because the choices are very descriptive and simple to read. Sabores del Peru reflects an authentic ambiance of Peru because of the environment, price, and the variety of dishes.

The three categories that have the best dishes are Pollo a la Brasa for chicken, Ceviche de Pescado for seafood, and Tallarin Verde for pasta.

Pollo a la Brasa, accompanied with French fries and fresh salad of vegetables, is the most delightful dish to eat. One plate satisfies the diner’s hunger. Some of the ingredients used to make the chicken cannot be disclosed to the public because it is the owner’s secret. Pollo a la Brasa is a common dish of Peruvian cuisine and one of the most consumed in Peru along with Ceviche.

As a traditional Peruvian dish, Ceviche de Pescado is made up of raw fish in lime juice, seasoned with salt and garlic, accompanied with Peruvian corn, baked potatoes, lettuce, roasted Peruvian corn, and white rice or yam.

Another extraordinary Peruvian dish, Tallarin Verde con Bistec, consists of sautéed onions, basil, spinach, until greens, are wilted, salted to taste and served with bisteck fillet. The prices for these dishes vary form ($8 to $15).

 Something els remarkable is not a dish but instead a unique drink. In this occasion, I want to tell everyone about the traditional Peruvian drink called Chicha Morada. In order to tell about the taste, I have to tell about what ingredients it contains. Chica Morada is a non-alcoholic drink served cold and is made by boiling purple corn with fruit (quince and pineapple), cinnamon and cloves. It tastes sharp and fruity–similar to mulled apple cider but spicier and more interesting ($2.00 a glass).

Fernando Castañon, one of the owners, said the following, “I did not want it to be exclusive to Peruvians only, but to be familiar to all the Latinos and everyone else who has not tried yet our delicious dishes we serve that is why the adding for Puerto Rican dishes.”

A traditional Puerto Rican dish, Pollo frito con Mofongo y Habichuelas is made of chicken breast chunks seasoned with Puerto Rican spices, accompanied with mofongo which is deep fried plantains seasoned with garlic and Puerto Rican beans ($8.95).

Inside this restaurant I get a feeling of being welcomed home, referring to the country I was born in. For native Peruvians, there is nothing more joyful than have a feeling of being at home, even if it is for the shortest amount of time like lunch or dinner. It has been said that to have traditional Peruvian food, one must find a restaurant with a native cook of the country, and those are the best restaurants to eat at. That is how it is for Sabores del Peru. The Ramos and the Castañon are originally from Peru since they spent all their childhood there, and that makes them authentic Peruvians.


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